Do you want to measure how your applications are performing, but you're tired of message overflow from common tools?

Well, we wanted to. That's why we created Chillout.

It's simple

You spend a lot of time creating new features and measuring it's impact on your business. You are working hard! And we know it well. That's why we made chillout to be very simple in use. Installation process is just one line in your config and installing chillout's client. Now you're good to go forward, chillout is already configured.

It's fast

Chillout is designed to have minimal impact on your application's performance. And we researched solutions to make it happen.

It works on almost every modern Rails app

We support ActiveRecord and Mongoid tracking. Chillout is also 4.0-ready and works on MRI and JRuby. You can check compatibility here.

It doesn't stand on your way

You get one mail per day/week/month/year with charts. Also, you can check out your actual report via API. And that's all. We don't want to clutter your mailbox.

It's made by experts is a product by the awesome team of Arkency. We're a Ruby consultancy, existing since 2007, with over 30 projects finished for our happy customers. We know everything about Ruby and Rails. We're involved in Ruby communities and many of us were involved in organizing the wroc_love.rb conference. We're teaching others how to work properly with Ruby.

It's made by passionate programmers

We love our work. That's why we want to share our knowledge about you. When developing chillout, we've used a lot of awesome techniques. We hope you share this joy of creating beautiful designed apps with us. Be sure to check out our blog!

It's good for your business

You can track your businesses in a simple, unobtrustive way. By creating custom metrics you can measure almost every quantity of your app using one line of code. It's a very simple, yet very powerful tool.

Want to use Chillout right now? It's opened now! Just visit our dashboard page and register.

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